【Talent Circulation Alliance Program】International Student Training & Internship

Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA

Talent Circulation Alliance Program

International Student Training and Internship

Program Scheme

The Talent Circulation Alliance(TCA) Program, as part of the Digital and Special Talent Development Project under the “Forward-Looking Infrastructure” implemented by Executive Yuan, aims to promote talent circulation internationally, to cultivate digital talent for industry in Taiwan, and to urge connection between talent and the industry. The ultimate targets are to expand international talent pool in Taiwan, raise competitiveness of both Taiwanese talent and the industry, and elevate our digital economic energy. This program collaborates with companies and legal entities, as training institutions, to co-cultivate international digital talent through a variety of training programs and industrial internship. The areas for training and internship includes but not limited to the following category:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, etc.
  • Data Science: Data Processing, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Web Crawler, etc.
  • Smart Network: 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Communication Technology, etc.
  • Digital Contents: AR, VR, 3D Design, UI/UX Design, etc.
  • Digital Marketing: E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Mobile Payment, Fintech, etc.

Definition of Key Terms:

  • Talent Circulation Alliance Program (TCA): a program promoting talent circulation and international talent training; supervised by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • International Student Training and Internship: one of TCA’s main programs; promotes opportunities for international and overseas Chinese students who currently study in Taiwan R.O.C. to obtain training and internship position at companies, legal entities or social innovation organization in Taiwan.
  • Applicants: international or oversea Chinese students who apply to this program.
  • Schools as Recommender: applicants’ current universities or colleges in Taiwan.
  • Training Institutions: companies, legal entities or social innovation organization in Taiwan which offer training and internship positions to this program.
  • Trainees: international or overseas Chinese students who are admitted to this program.
  • Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) Academy: is an online learning platform with a variety of international courses targeting to cultivate global talents.
  • Prerequisites Course: the course is designed to help student applicants to understand this training and internship program. Applicants must complete prerequisites and submit the course completion certificate along with your application.
  • Compulsory Training Courses: the training courses are designed for program trainees on global-related topics. All selected trainees of this program must attend compulsory course during summer vacation.

Program Period

Internship period: July 1st to December 31st, 2021


Eligibility for School as Recommender
A school recommender must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. is MOE approved colleges or universities located in Taiwan R.O.C.;
  2. can recommend international and overseas Chinese students from both undergraduate programs and graduate programs;
  3. can assist international and overseas Chinese students to apply for valid work permit.

Eligibility for Student Applicant
An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. is international or overseas Chinese students who hold valid Alien Resident Card(ARC);
    *Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao students are not eligible for this program.
  2. currently study at MOE approved colleges or universities in Taiwan R.O.C.;
  3. must maintain full-time student status while attending this program between May 1st to December 31st, 2021 (from entering application to the end of the program).
    *In-service students are not eligible for this program.
  4. must hold valid work permit when successfully being admitted to this program between July 1st to December 31st, 2021.
    *Work permit can be applied though your school. Please follow the regulation of your school to apply work permit.


  • Applicants must complete application form and submit personal resume on the application portal: https://www.digitalent.org.tw/digiplus_reg.
  • Applicant must complete the Talent Circulation prerequisite online course, obtain the completion certificate, and submit the certificate serial number within your application form. (Please register at the application portal first in order to obtain TCA Academy’s account/password information and links to TCA Academy; prerequisite course will be available on April 1st.)
  • School as Recommender must confirm the list of recommended applicants, and submit the credit transfer regulation if any on the application portal (https://www.digitalent.org.tw/digiplus_reg/).

For the detailed application guide and orientation information, please refer to the following attachments.

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